Malossi porting

I have an oldmalossi 136 kit on my shelf that i tought i could have

som fun with over the winter.

What can be done? I dont want to be to extreme, but I do want to put

my dremel to work.

what i got: PK cases currently ported for polini , with ETS

crank, and a inlet as big as it can be without welding on the cases.

Malossi reedblock exiting on the right side.

Have both 2.86 and 2.54 primaries.

how far can i go and still keep it reliable?

I do want to keep the case induction, and i dont wat to spindle / shim

the cylinder, but can be persuaded to do so. I don’t want to weld on

the cases.

So what to do? connect the inlet and boost ports? Widen the exhaust?

(how far can i go without interfering with the piston ring pegs)?
Any tips?

Have a look on "down and" website , enter links and go on "soul sucks 136" to see just how far you could (but shouldn't) go.