Malossi Piston in a Polini T5

Has anyone tried to polini 152 out to take a Malossi 172 piston, just a query as it looks a possibility ? I wondered as I have a few bits laying about.

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not sure on that one as well.but off the subject a little,the 172malossi piston WILL fit a t5 pinasco kit,thats if your lucky enough to have a spare barrel lying in that box of bits of course[H]

I’ve never heard of it done.

I’m not sure if it’ll work as ,without checking,I’m fairly sure the porting of the barrels is quite differant.However,Harry Barlow had bored out the 152 to accept a Wiseco piston taking it to a 170.Contact Diablo if you’re intrested as he has work done by Harry on occasion.

Thought the pinasco barrel was a 162 not a 172, if i’d known i’d have bought the one on ebay last month, it was a new un used one.