Malossi phb 30m px200 reed valve\ need help!


      I am running a px200 with a Carburetor Kit MALOSSI PHB 30 for Vespa PX 200 reed valve, the problem I have been having is the carb keeps slipping out from the conectting rubber.  I've tried tighting the hose clip, that seems to push it out if go to tight.  I had no issuse with this before, suddly when I go for a ride the scoot dies and the carb is come out of the rubber conector.  Has any one else had this problem?  I can see that the carb has a small ring that is cut into it which by looking at the rubber conector there seems to be a ridge that would sit in that so when you tighten the hose clip it should hold it in place.  I know having a malossi 210cc kit on it does vidrate a bit but surely this should nnot cause the carb to pop of the conecting rubber.  Is it possible that it could be worn and just buy a new rubber fitting and should be ok?  Please any help would be so helpfull as the scoot is my ony means of transport as my other scoot is of road.  Thanks darren

try change the rubber of the carburator..


I swapped the original Malossi rubber connector for the SIP welded version (art. no. 40430000) on one of my scooters which uses the more robust (and cheaper) connector (art. no. 22301300?).

The carb sits a little more forward, which makes fitting an air filter difficult (depending on type), but it's a far better set up.


If you have a loose carb, although a cable tie may stop it popping out, it may suck air and end up wrecking your top end!

have ordered new rubber mount? in the mean time have found a rubber inset that i have fitted around card first then when it fits into rubber manifold it holds etter cheers.

It turns the carburetor slightly outward.

try to change the rubber of the carburator..


hi Darren, I had the same issues but used a tie clip to hold the carb in place. but I like the idea of a rubber inset, do you mind telling me where you got it? cheers, Tara