Malossi or simonini?

I never hear anything about the malossi exhaust pipe for the p200s.... I want something that has a ballsy sound. Does anyone recommend the malossi pipe? if not what pipe would be nice to use with a px200 with a pinasco 213 kit? is the simonini better then the malossi? how is the pinasco? i really want a nice pipe that gives me torque and is nice through the power band. i do not want the sito plus or the road. I have tried those pipes and want to try something different that has a deep sound. Im not a big fan of the ping ping sound. I have had JL pipes at well. they sound great but are kinda a waste for how i ride.

thanks for the reply. I think i am gonna go with the sip ng. Do you think i will have a problem with overheating the pinasco cylinder i have with the ng exhasut. I will be getting a long stroke crank soon when i can but for now i will be running a stock crank and a pinasco 213 kit with the sip ng exhaust. I dont have a stock pipe so i dont want to buy one and waste money i want to buy the pipe that i will keep and use for awhile. 

I hear a lot of good things about the pm evo pipe for the px200. I hear that mild steal tunes better then stainless. what are your thoughts on pm tuning? do you like the sip pipe better does one give more torque then the other? torque is number one for me.

Hi dude

For first i want to know what enigne setup do you´re running to recommend you the perfekt pipe.


Basically the Malossi pipe is really good. The sound is more ping ping and the output is more in the middle and high refs. Like Simonini Polini etc...


I guess a good choice for you in generally would be the SIP NG, Deep Sound and gives you a good power increasement in all refs. the caracter is definitley more torque than ultra high refs.





Hi dude


You can run the setup for first with the stock crank. It´s not a problem.

If you setup the ignition and the carburetor in a right way overheating should be not a problem.



- ! Notice that when you mount the longstroke crank dont forget to setup the ignition again ! -


PS: Basically the PM Pipe is also very good. It depends what you like.

The PM is not stainless and if you not pay attention it rusts.

The SIP NG is a stainless pipe that never rusts.