Malossi or polini

what would you choose

hi it depends on what kind of parts you want... personally for cilinder i choose polini, transmission i choose malossi, admission malossi and exhaust,crank i choose hebo :),

for drive belt malossi are the best for performance but once it's used up it will blow into pieces ... (Personal experience... at least 3 times) the hebo belt is best for everyday use.

hope that'll help u

malossi all the way much quicker!

I tried both and they work very well! The alimunium cylinder preferably...

Personally I prefer Malossi.

polini personaly but malossi mhr team parts are better for high end racing

for the 94cc kit dont you have to mod the casings

Polini has bigger quality then malossi

It depends for what and on what you want to place those...?

We used both, first 6 year full Malossi team factory, last 3 year Polini made a beter offer(sposoring). So last years was full 'fac evo'.

And guys think that there are not many producers of cilinders and belts and etc...

Pirelli a/c HWA fong rubber is main producer belts.

Airsal a/c eurocilinders a/c BAR(yes F1) main for aloy/nicasyl(known as chroom) cilinders.

DR main for caststeel cilinders.



For street use and fun i would choose the EVO2 or maybe the new 94cc


For serious racing and benching (Dyno) i would choos Malossi (Teamspeed 2 or Bigbore 77)