Malossi or polini


Want some advice on a project i have ported out my v90 cases to take either a malossi or polini 135 kit but not sure which to go for as price bracket is about the same i have also upgraded to four gears and am also going to port out the inlet manifold to take a 30 mm carb and wandered  could anyone give me advice on a good set up like what primary gears to use what carb,exhaust,what crank e.t.c.


Many thanks



first of all, is important to know if you want to keep the rotary valve inlet, or if you are planning to install a reed valve inlet.For the cylinder if you don't want to make work on it, i think Malossi will give you something more than a Polini. But if you work on it i think Polini will be Stronger.

About prymary i like so much 27-69 straight teeth Surflex.

Carburetor Dell'orto vhsh30.

A good exhaust for starting with this conf., (that i love for street use) will be a Proma

In response to Vespabbestia:

The malossi has much more room for growth and power than the Polini.  Better piston, better porting lay out, and room for very high hp.  With porting work, a BGM full circle crankshaft, a MRP direct induction manifold, and a 30mm pwk, you are looking at serious power.  You don't need a straight tooth primary, but they are good.  I'm running the stock primary (24/61) with a DRT short 4th and a 350x10 tire on the back wheel.  My top speed is higher than a 27/69.

malossi with full circle crank, intake polini and 30 dellorto .. is great,  reinforced clutch malossi. and Racing exhaust simonini, so fast...

it depend of the price you can make on your engine