Malossi manifold and 30mm flatslide for px200?

hi can anyone enligthen me on this set up please. i want to know if its really worth it in terms of performance compared to stock carb, btw my set up are malossi 210 kit match ported case , mmw head, 24 si carb. thanks all in advance


i am planing  to change for a pwk carb d-slide type.i heard good reviews abaout this carb and it is also half the price!


i am runing now a px200 with a pinasco 215 kit,a pinasco pipe and only a bigger main jet on my standard carb.


i wanted to know if i will put a pwk 24mm carb with this set up will it work good and gives me any boost to my engine?


i don't want the 30mm carb kit cause i heard it consume to much fuel :(

its proven alrigth that manifold and carb is much much better than si carb, of course you loose autolube system, why not use 28mm instead of 24mm, yup 30mm is quite a drinker though, next to this set up is the reed. hope this hel. cheers