Malossi & JL (thanks so far)

Been following loads of advice, and have certainly learned a lot.

My set up is PX200 , Malossi 210 , now on a JL Evo 2000 pipe (nice) , with crank cases NOT done (yet , but will be in near future).

My question is… should I be drilling a hole in the air filter ?

Runs very fast on a 125 jet (but plug suggests quite lean)

Runs ok , but safer looking on 130 but not as quick.

HP4 flywheel fitted does seem to help get up there too , although I do miss the bright lights at night (and elec start).

The JL pipe as suggested in here seems VERY good.

T5 fourth!!!
I think useing p2 gearing, thats the weak point, you could use a lower profile tyre but that would lower all gears(though easier and cheaper!!)
If you look at most posting’s about the 210 malossi you need to lower 4th gear, my cutdown has, so being a full frame you could cut it down[:D] , but if your taking the engine apart to do the 4th match the cases and cut the crank!
over gearing will kill the bike and you wont enjoy the overtaking!!

Should just add the following…

On a long flattish road , with a tail wind of around 5-12 mph , the scoot will be off to 70mph no probs , with room to go, excellent acceleration and speed through all gears.

But coming back INTO the same wind on the same flattish road , quite spluttery at high revs and tops out in 4th at around 52mph and is very juttery. It’s actually better to stay in 3rd.

The plug looks like this coming straight off the run after the 52mph section…