malossi head

I am going to get amalossi 210 kit for my Motovespa TX 200 which has a non auto lube p200e engine, which I was orginally going to bolt straight on but advice on here said it would not be very effective without further work so I am having an expert to do all the seals and rebuild the bottom end and sort the transfers out to match the kit.What other modifications should I have done while he is at it, Is it worth having a t5 fourth gear as some one suggested.
what cylinder head do I need with the malossi 210 kit, there seem to be lots of choices.
what I would like is alist of part no for my order other wise I am bound to get it abudget of about 200£.

Thanks for the advice

Yes,fit the T5 4th.

Are you getting the crank modified?It really should be done but I can’t tell you the exact duration.Perhaps Curare could supply this if he looks in?

As for the cylinder head there’s a few choices.If you’re in the UK and have your standard item then send it to PM Tuning,Taffspeed or Chiselspeed,they’ll machine it for you.

If you don’t have one,or want to store it for future use,then you could try one of thjese.