Malossi clutch too small

Hi everyone- I ordered the polini sport tuning kit for my scooter. It is a 1966 150 Super, but has a 5 port LML Star engine. Which is the same as a PX150 as far as I am aware.

I was fitting the Malossi clutch but found that it was smaller than my clutch and would obviously not hold together as the clutch basket is larger.  Also this clutch has more plates than the existing one. The existing clutch has 3 cork friction plates, and are 108mm, the Malossi has 4 and those are 96mm.

Could anybody please advise me if I can either use the original top plate so that it can be held together or do I need to buy a different clutch/clutch plates?

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks- Jason 

Thankyou [:)]



you have a 200 type clutch and you need the plates for 200 style too