Malossi 210cc lifetime record!

hi guys

… i’m here right now 'cause an I**** mounted a malossi 210 on my PX200!

So cool when I left the garage and so damn pissed after 63km’s!!! Guess what i’ve got ??? Yes, yes, yes, a fine f***in 4mm hole in the piston! damn…
Now is just one more week of sun without my scooter!

I’m pissed off !

Sorry, I know that is not your fault …

…and yes, i’ll find a new and better mechanic!

…and like it wasnt enought, I’ve found today that my insurance dont have travel assitance! …and that is illegal in my country (Portugal)

i mean fly wheel

I put a hole in my malossi kit on my T5 the problem was the fly whell side oil seal was leaking Gary[:dance3:] [:dance1:]

Whats all that about?? why the 210 and how come you blew it up? If the guy is giving them away tell him to send me one!

Too small main jet in the carb or an air leak causes a hole in the piston.