malossi 210

im running a malossi 210 kit with a 24mill carb and a sitro plus exhaust the ports have been matched and the crank opend but i can only get 55 to 60 mph out of it accelaration is fine just no top end any idears?

somethings not right,maybe timing,did you put bigger jets in? mines got(vespa 1998 disc 200cc) 210 port,bigger jets,sito exhaust,t5 fourth gear,speed on the flat,no wind,75ish flat out.and its relible as f*** [:rotate:]

I’ve got an 18 month old new type p200. Malossi 210 without cases modified, std upjetted carb. When first fitted I had Sito+ exhaust and it ran like a bag of shite, acceleration was mildy improved but only 60 -65 tops when it was doing 65-70 standard (all indicated).
Fitted PM2 EVO expansion chamber and settled on 125 main jet. It now goes like a rocket. Good spread of power through rev range and tops out at 75+. It does however lack torque in top gear but this is to be expected in its current state.
Check timing and get a decent expansion pipe - PM or Taffspeed.
For info I bought a new P2 in the late 80’s and it went like stink. so did my Rally200. Both standard, both very smooth. What have they done??[:dance1:]

I have the exact same set up and will usually top out at between 65 to 80mph. How much has the inlet timing been altered as this
can affect top end, mine is about 180 degrees.[:shock1:]

Yes, drilled a 5mm hole in the air filter above the main jet, forgot that bit.
I am currently putting 1% oil in the tank aswell as running the autolube. While I was asking about fitting the kit various dealers had very strong opinions on whether or not this was necessary.

I’ve noticed it’s a bit smokey but the plug looks fine and it runs very well. I’m reluctant to stop putting the oil in the tank for obvious reasons. Does anyone have any reports on running just on the autolube??

If you’ve fitted the 210 with the porting work done and upjetted carb, have you reset the ignition timing ? I’m sure its about five degrees + or _ over standard stator plate setting, this could be your problem.

hey there

is it a new machine??
i had to drill a 1.5 mm hole in air filter directly above main jet.
Made all the difference!
Good luck[:D]

Thanks, I’ll keep it on the extra 1% till I’ve done a few hundred more miles then try it without. You’re right about the oil, I always use top quality stuff.

Thats weird, I have a similar setup apart from i have a SIP Performance exhaust, and mine goes right off the clock, it will hit 65 in 3rd. Sounds like you need an expert to take a look as something does not sound right. Even standard my P2 was fster than that.

Hi i have a T5 with malossi kit i run it with just the autolube i started with 1% oil in the tank while running the engine in then carryed on with autolube only so far no problems i am useing silkolene pro scoot fully synthetic oil scooter has done 3000 mile like this so far . I have spoken to taffspeed and beedspeed they both told me to run scooter like this just make sure you use good oil . I posted a question on this site about putting more on in a kitted scooter last year hope this helps Gary ps had T5 before and ran it only on 2% mixed in tank no probs[:dance3:] [:bounce:]