Malossi 210

Have simply bolted on Malossi 210 kit to 2002 PX200Disc. The cylinder head has been rounded off as per instructions by dealer but not lowered. Have Sito Plus exhaust, intend fitting PM Evo. Main Jet up to 122, after having tried 118 then 125. When warm, engine runs fine. Whilst warming from cold, for say first 15 minutes I get pinking. Mixture screw after much adjustment seems best at 1.25 turns out. Am using good quality 100% Synthetic oil @ 2% in autolube. Can’t seem to get over this initial pinking problem, any ideas?

Thanks, will get my order off to Taffspeed or MB and see it that cures it! Will advise when fitted.

go for 130 main jet .if the mixture screw is bolt type not screw type it should be out 3 alleviate the pinking swing stator round to the end of its adjustment clockwise.forget the pm and invest in an sip pipe.this is a good setup but you could do with matching the ports to the barrel.causes less turbulence in the crankcase and gives swifter smoother induction.could try sip 26mm si carb

Morgoil is talking about having your engine case machined to match the inlets on the barrel. If not done it restricts fuel flow and can lead to overheating and seizing.

Are you saying don’t go for the altered cylinder head? or are you saying don’t go for the PM Evo exhaust. At the moment the bike runns absolutely fine when warm, just get the pinking when starting from cold for about 10 mins. Is the siezure problem linked with the cylinder head? Just need to get this right! especially as I sometimes tow a Squire trailer.

The problem is with the cylinder head, you need to have the combustion chamber modified, not just opened out. Get a head from taffspeed or MB Developments. No amount of playing with the jets will cure the problem.

Watch out if your casing arent ported it is only a matter of time before it seizes. I know from experiece!