Malossi 210 Sports 2013 Cylinder

Hi Scooterrist,

It's my first time writing in, apology for any long winded story.

I'm currently riding a PX200E model and using the Malossi 210 Sport cylinder. My Gearing ratios system is 22/67, DRT Clutch with Carbon Plate, and JL left-hand pipe. Carb system is the stock dellorto 24/24. I'm using 2.7mm size main jet and the standard BE3(160)

Me and 3 of my friends are also using the same system and we all recently experience the same problem. Our piston was overheat and appear a hole at the bottom part of the piston, near the exhaust port.

Has anyone here experience the same problem with this Malossi Cyclinder?

Please kindly share your views or opinion.