Malossi 210 kit

Hi all
A few little questions from an amateur:

  • is the expensive sip malossi 210 kit just a modified version of the cheap malossi 210 kit from sip?
    I’m trying to budget my engine refit and would like to buy the cheap kit then replace the piston with the modified one later on…is this possible?

  • what jets should I get for a malossi 210 with scorpion pipe and a standard carb…

  • if I fit the sip wide tyre kit will the tyres still be central and in line on the bike?

  • is it easy to deregulate the new scorpion pipes? or does someone still stock the old ones…

Thanks for any help…I can feel myself starting on a very long and windy path…

the expensive kit is a fully modified one with all the ports taken to the max by worb5.if you want to save money take the normal 210 malossi and then you can port and modify the piston yourself at a later date.its totally foolproof as the piston casting shape tells you the size to go to with the ports.porting the barrel is a bit more hassle if you aint got the right kit(a dremmel isnt really up to it).jet sizes vary from engine to engine for best running.if carb is standard 24mm good starting point is 130-138

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Hi steven. Agree with vespadoc on the cylinder part and jets. When it comes to the wide tire kit it is no problem, the tires will be dead center if you have done it right.
Good luck.

You might not be able to fit the wide tyre with the scorpian?
Also you have to cut the engine to move the wheel across by 10mm.[:)]

ok - so now I was just about to order my german style scorpion exhaust when some more questions came my way…

does a stainless steel exhaust heat up (and therefore expand) more than a mild steel one? If so surely this will reduce performance when the exhaust has been running a while - I thought the size of the chamber was tuned to match the kit?

I’m beginning to look at the pm or taffspeed pipes again now - back where I started! As they’re all so expensive I don’t want to buy the wrong one…

Has anyone tested the various pipes on one single engine? Everyone has their own opinion and obviously all the shops all think theirs is the best…

The wide tyre kit is large part of a standerd rim and a large part of a cosa rim,and then a spacer ring of 10mm on the hub which stops the tyre rubbing the shock/clutch cover which puts the center of the wheel 10mm off center.
cutting the engine is quite easy,best with the engine out and cut the ali at 10mm and cutting the steel/metal bush so it still sticks above so that the matel touchs the frame not the ali(or it will be a hard tail!)and then you put a 10mm spacer on the other end.
looks good even parked up!!!
I know the Sip pipes fit but didn’t realise the scorpian fitted.
if you want me to measure the width of the tyre and fitting width of the scorpian I will as have a mates bike in shed and can compare!

Thanks for the replies - I’ve gone ahead and ordered the basic 210 kit along with a scorpion.

I’ll post the best jets for the carb when it’s all done…

Does anyone have a cheap spraying booth in/around London? I’d like to try some respraying but don’t have the space…


stainless systems dont expand as much as mild steel because theyre harder material more rigid but a mild steel pipe is better because the mild steel „resonates“ to engine pitch which is better to help the engine perform

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

The scorpion should be ok with wide tyres:

„The exhaust is compatible with fat tires and the scooter´s original foot stand.“ sip

I can see the need to skim the case a bit - but a few people have mentioned that the brakedrum needs altering…

Has anyone out there fitted wide tyres with a large pipe easily?

Also - does anyone know how to remove the reduction - is this an easy job or should I hunt for an old stock pipe?

If you get a Scorpion in the UK it will not fit a fat tires but the ones you can get in Germany will fit ok, the down pipe and mounting bracket are different so they will fit.
Richie Rich