Malossi 210 Jets/setup

Hi everyone,

Just some advice on jetting please - Ive holed 2 malossi 210’s in the last year so new rebuild! Have dropped the Simmi chrome pipe - I’m sure this was a contributing factor.

EFL base engine - non lube

Malossi 210 - crankcases matched
Racing Macchu crank.
HP4 Flywheel.
Cosa Clutch.
RZ/Sip mk1 Rh exhaust.
Plug BE8ES.
PM head with Malossi head gasket.
Present 24mm carb- will have 26mm soon.

Will set timing with Stator plate fully clockwise.

Could anyone please advise on the jetting for both 24mm & 26mm carbs please.

Also does the Malossi cylinder have a ‚peg‘ to allow spring fitment on the SIP pipe. If not is it best to drill the top fin?

Thanks in advance.


don’t bother with the 26mm, they pretty much suck.

I’m running the same setup except PK1800 flywheel, and Worb head.

160/BE3/132 air/mixer/main
55/100 pilot
(this is with driled out filter)

26mm (spaco T5)
never got it to work propper with this carb

all the way clockwise. strobe it anyway.

drill a hole in the head or upper cooling fin. pretty obvious.

BE3 is stock on a px200.
yep, I’m running the T5 4th.

Thanks Guys.

Mr 210 may I ask where your Stator plate is set?

Also does anyone know where to drill the Malossi kit to allow fitment of the forward exhaust spring for a SIP Pipe?



Yeah don’t bother with the 26mm

Thanks Mr 210,

By the way is the Be3 mixer you have suggested the original one?

I have a Be3 & Be5 I think.

Are you running a T5 4th?