Malossi 210 head?

I'm thinking about buying a 210 Malossi cylinder kit, my question is about the head. If I go mainly for city driving and some highway, what head should I use?


would recommend this head with only 10,5:1 compression

Best when you want to fly in the full throttle area- not so many heat !!








Hi dude


Can you tell me what components do you´re planing to mount ?

Crankshaft carb. pipe etc.





OK. I have a JL RH pipe, I was going to live the original crank and carb for now, but I will get a Keihin (28 or 32¿¿¿???) and,  in a few months, a variable timing.

LaRoca: Helooooo [;)]

Is not that head too compressed? Why that head and not one of 11:1?

I recommend the Malossi head based on feedback from a couple of guys near to me running the new kits, no pre-ignition issues and starting is A1.

I would go with the Malossi head and jet the Si24 to 130 to begin with and work back as you cover the kms thru 128 / 125 maybe. Ignition timing 18 degrees.

Can anyone put some light on this issue? Basically, low compression head or Malossi head?