Malossi 210 - Exhaust stub fix

The exhaust stub has fractured on my malossi 210 barrell (time for a change of exhaust).

MB developments advertise that they machine and weld on new exhaust stubs, but I’ve just contacted them and they are not taking any Vespa work at the moment.

Does anyone know anyone else that can do this work ?



No don’t know about them. With the pm we weld eyes onto the down pipe to attach springs. This also seems to make them less prone to cracking

Hi Dickys,
Try an engineering shop that does alloy welding it could be cheaper than a scooter shop? . Sometimes they’ll test the alloy to get a match on materials . Although I’ve never heard of a shop testing the type of alloy in the U.K. I think the Germans have to do it for their TUV .

Let us know!
Cheers Grimesy

Thanks for the reply, to save some postage does anyone know anywhere in the UK ?


Hi I have a very good ally welder who also makes the long range lambretta tanks. If you contact me by email I can probably get it done. If you can send a digital photo of the damaged stub it would be a help. Always use a spring mounted slip fit on malossi stubs and this problem wont rear its ugly head again!

Worb5 does it.

OK, thanks diablo, I’ll get the kit off and send a pic.

I have ‚got away‘ with running a PM pipe for many years, I guess this was just waiting to happen. Has anyone tried the ScootRS pipes ?