Malossi 210, cut crank, matched casings, si24 RZ RHS pinking!


looking for hints and tips, my 210 pinks last 5% of throttle 3rd and 4th when really screwin it. standard si24 with 55-160, 130, BE3, still running injection, additional 1% in tank of super unleaded.

not checked timing yet, suspect 18deg, am I too hgh compression ?, relatively pleased with RZ Right hand exhaust. Running B9 NGK plug

Motor has cut crank, T5 4th, matched casing to barrell, wher do I go next, I want WOT reliability


Timing needs to be retarded to 18 degrees if not done already, the last 5% suggests its simply timing and / or main jet ; main jet looks after the very high end revs and RZ / JL righthand pipes do like big mains. Try a 135 and see if it improves.

What cylinder head are you using ? Head gasket or not ?

135 in post, should be here in a day or two. what difference does the atomiser tube make ? whats the difference between be3,4,5 etc


update: bike was running to rich on 135, have slotted stator and knocked back to approx 16 degrees. far smoother and now pinking completely gone. Have gone back to 130 main and monitor plug, seems fine just now and bike going off clock without a hint of pinking.

A general rule of thumb is the higher the number the richer it runs but it only really affects the mid section rev range - stick with your BE3 is my advice.

ok, so timing was at 19deg, have scaled back to 18deg, was still getting pinking, better though, a further 5mph before it started, but still there.

have put a 132 main in this afternoon and pinking almost gone completely, might go 135 later in week.

so progress has been had 

Yeah go to 135 and you should be fne mate.