Malossi 210 and longstroke

Anyone here have experience with the 210 kit combined with a 60 mm crankshaft?? I am currently running a Pinasco 213 kit, with a 60 mm crank, but it’s worn out and have excessive play between the sylinder and the piston…
So I am thinking of swapping it for a malossi kit…

Running it with si 24 carb and light flywheel.


Got similar set up: 210 malossi, Y2K head(short reach plug), 60mm crank, 1.5 packer under cylinder, malossi head gasket, std 24mm carb 138 main/BE4/190, transfers matched. T5 fourth, JL RH pipe. PK flywheel, 19deg timing. Ran in for 200miles then did IOW rally no probs. Econimical too.

Well not personally, but a mate is running that: What do you want to know?..He’s done quite a lot of tuning on his and it pulls 20bhp and over 85mph.

Here’s some basics: You’ll need a re-profiled cylinder head (maybe the old Pinasco one will do?), a 1.5 pack plate gasket under the cylinder. Timing is 18 degrees, you’ll need to match the case transfers to the barrel to get it to work well + a good exhaust. A bigger carb would be better but it will still go some with a 24mm (careful to get your jetting right as hey do seize-up quite easily if you’re off the mark)



He’s got a 210 Malossi, welded up and matched case transfers, (standard piston and barrel transfer porting having thrown a piston tring on the opened out one)
60mm Mazuchelli race crank (re aligned twice after twisting it), He’s running the 1.5 mm packing at the cylinder base(for torque) (an option is to run a 1.5mm head gasket to affect the high rmp power at the expense of low…but then pulling 4th gear becomes impossible)
Adapted PKS Flywheel (1.7Kg)
SIP centre plug head (better combustion)
Mikuni TM 30mm carb
Mark broadhurst Reed block (yamaha reeds) with the inlet ported to suit (says this is a better combo than the delorto 30mm and Malossi Reed…not much more in the power department, but smoother and stronger acceleration + not as uch setting up)
Re-inforced Cosa Clutch (banded + welded crown)(essential to prevent clutch slip and exploding basket)…dunno if he’s got reinforced springs in there…I’ve got Taffspeed ones in mine no slip but still smooth as butter)
Standard P2 23/65 Primary
T5 short 4th gear
Sip Performance expansion chamber.(He says this is better than his old Taffspeed Mk3)

Dynoed at 20 and a bit BHP / 86mph…it should do more though so far he has destroyed one re-inforced clutch, one barrel and piston, twisted the crank twice and chipped a gear t get this far…all stuff he puts down to the increased power output)

So there ya go…that help any?

Hi Vespandy,

I am running a pretty similar set up but will interested to know your mates set up.


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