Malossi 172 t5 rattling at top end

 hi im paul, fitted a malossi 172 to my  t5  classic.with machiend head ,rattling at top end . got a new mmc head still rattling. standard carb re jetted. pm evo pipe cosa 21 t . any help welcome cheers

sorry i did not reply . computer problems/ your right it is just a symptom of this kit . panic set in before i did my home work. took it appart too many times pulled my hair out. runs perfect just sounds like a bag of spanners. spec so far . pk 1800g modified fly/mmc head/cosa 21t clutch/ pm evo pipe/standard carb 128 main jet/  have a 28/30 pwk not fitted yet/ next step /reed /modified crank/ port work/ need it to be quick .old man young brain syndrome. wife in my ear. what she dont know etc. my name is paul .based in surrey/uk. messed up on sip reg form so no details on me. advise  on crank /reed most welcome cheers and thanks for your replys.......[H]

is it a rattle or just high pitch ringing? as the kits do this, worth listening to someone eleses scoot! (rings over ports?) if its a rattle could be big end(the bearing crank web end of rod) or little end?(bearing in piston/gudgeon pin)

could be flywheel touching kit?(problem on p2's )

is the piston touching the head?(check squish)