Malossi 172 run in

Ive recently fitted a 172 kit to my T5 and all is well, but i wasnt sure if the 500 miles at 45 mph is strictly correct.
I’m running the kit with a standard carb (120 main jet) and a mikeck mk3 exhaust and it is very lively and reliable.
Ive only done around 100 miles and wasnt sure if i had to stick to 45mph for another 400.
Please help

I’ve been there and done that, I was really carefull to run the kit in for fear of having to fork out again so ran at 40mph for 300miles with no hard gradients and the next 200miles at 50mph only opening up slightly for the last 50miles or so then took another 100miles of opening up more and been harder through the gears then, GIVE IT SOME. I don’t think you can be too carefull if you want the bike to stay reliable, which up to now mine has(3000miles) but then again I know lads who have give them 100miles or so and then hammered them with little or no consequence. It’s up to you Didge do you have lots of patience or lots of money?

I think it’s more important to let the engine warm up properly before you gun it(about 15-20 mins) than make sure you run-in for exactly 500 miles.
After 150 miles you can start to gadually increase you speeds.
I’d run-in for a few hundred miles and then think about giving it a thrash now and then, but I wouldn’t fancy a 400 mile motorway run without good quality synthetic oil and 500 miles on the barrel.[;)]