Malossi 172 head gasket/spacer for T5


I've finally ordered a Malossi 172 kit with the matching MMW head.

The kit comes with a head gasket (or spacer)… will I need to use it with this combination? As far as I understand, the MMW head squish is matched to the kit and adding a spacer would lower the compression unnecessarily.

Also, do I need to retard the timing more than the standard 16°? Fitting instructions say 14-16°, but I've heard that many leave as is.

BTW, I'll be running with a standard carb and Sito +.

I'm hoping someone has experience with a similar setup.

Thanks all…

I ended up fitting the kit + MMW head WITHOUT the supplied gasket (which is about 0.5mm) and measured the squish band – it was a fraction under 1.2mm, which is ideal.

I left the timing standard (stator lines up with the mark on the casing). This is meant to be 16 degrees, but when measured accurately ended up being between 14-15 degrees.

Still running in and despite rattling at low revs (which I believe is normal) it runs really sweet.


It's arrived now and looking at the squish area on the MMW head, it seems very shallow, so perhaps it does need the gasket? Or maybe the O ring included creates a bit of distance and gives the 1.2mm squish (as stated) without the gasket?

Apprehensive about fitting this until I know for sure… please help!!! [8-)]



I have the same question....  Any help??? 

It´s necessary use the gasket ( that comes with malossi 172) in this cylinder head?