Malossi 170cc Cylinder Kit on Honda @nes 125

Hi, was wondering if anybody knows if the 170cc will fit the 125 engine of the Honda @nes/dylan 125,

as it’s only listed for the 150cc @nes/dylan

i’ve tried email this query but no answer yet.



To reply to your question about the 170cc Malossi on a @nes 125 : yes you can !!

I've got an SH 125, and I've put a 170cc on my engine.

But you've got to modify the base of you engine, because Honda have put a 0,5 mm ring around the base of the 125 engine (where your cylinder come in the engine), you can see it if you take off your actual cylinder.

So you'll have to sandpapper ("poncer" in french) this ring.