Malossi 166 probs

kitted my mates scoot with a malossi 166 kit, used the 115 main jet that came with it.
Engine is standard 125 and no porting.
Its now very boggy between half and full throttle and the plug is very black.
Any ideas? [:shock1:]

I am of the same advice of vespamalossi. Malossi kit don’t make a lot of sence without additional work. If you are just after bolt on conversion kit mutch better a Pinasco or the sportier Polini.

Thought you were running a DR,JV.[:D]

I use the Malossi too, I tried the parts coming with it but it was a lot better without those change, let it as original.

All sorted, it was the jetting.

As its not my scoot he doesnt want to port it.

I run a polini 180 with a phbh 30 mill, so im quite happy;D

Different scoot mate;D

ive got a few in my collection[:smile:]

If the engine feel this way and the plug has a black face, use a smaller main jet, ( I would try a 110), you could also need to use a smaller mixer tube, but start with the main. Check the ignition timing and the spark grade before doing your carb set up.

I found that the 166 was crap until i welded and prted the cases…goes like a rocket now;D