Malossi 166 circlips

any ideas on how to insert the ciclips tht come with this kit as they jus dont want to go in they seem to have alot of tention any tips or triks to do this will be very grateful thanks, james

insert half of the circlip by holding the other end off it with a long nose and push it hard pressing it inside the slot, thats it. its harder than you think but manageable, hope this helps. goodluck!

Thanks for the help,iv never seen a more stubbern c clip! Why dont they just fit c clips with holes?!



i mangd to get 1 of the f***ing things in useing a different technique i car seem to be able to do the 1 u hav exsplaind any chance u could add abit more detal to tht reply pls???

sorry thats the only way i know mate. timing for malossi kit is basically 18 degrees. you can check the instruction on the manual that goes with the kit. circlips with holes are not reliable it could damage your engine coz sometimes it get loose. good luck mate!