Malossi 136er

Hi Scooterworld,
Can anyone recomend a carb and exhuast set up for a Malossi 136, cut crank, rotary induction, matched transfers, up gear kit, PK50 gearbox in a P125ETS ?

& how long is a piece of string.

depends on the porting job, carb setup, upgear kit chosen - have you upgraded the clutch, used a hp4. My old polini motor in basic tune format is more than capable of playing out with P200 boys - but the new malossi engine I’m building will cream them.

the 25 phb direct intake fo the malossi 136 will make the most power

Thanks Avenger,
Can i still use my cut crank with the direct reed valve set up ? [:rolleyes:]

Thanks Avenger,
What sort of H/P and revs will i attain with your suggestion ?

take a look at this site, it has an english tranlation in it. Select malossi 136 and you can view different tuners setups (take the top speeds quoted at face value as you could mirror their setup and come out with a lot more or less top speed)

As for the exhaust recommendation with your 2.56 gearing, standard box and rotary valve induction i would play it safe and purchase a Leovinci but then again the ziri silent looks and sounds the dogs bollocks. You could blow £120 quid though and end up having to spend another £50 on a leovinci because the zirri won’t give any low down grunt and won’t reach the correct resonance speeds in fourth (slower at top end than the cheaper leovinci). if money is no object then buy a pm pipe.

Good luck

Just realised you have bought the 2.34 upgear which is in my humble opinion too much for the setup you have , as its more suited to the zirri kit - its very tall gearing and should really be matched to a zirri short fourth gearbox cluster.

24 or 25 malossi PHB kit - Play it safe on the exhaust front as a full blown pipe like the Simonini D & F maybe a bit much. I tried a zirri silent pipe on my polini 133 kit but found the humble Leovinci out performed it as I had just matched the case ports and not enlarged the cylinder ports and didn’t fit a zirri short fourth. On the smallframe motors the more expensive pipes require further tuning advances to work properly.

Thanks Avenger,
the transfers have been matched to kit and all ports have been polished.I will use a 29/68 up-gear kit but i am at the stage of buying an exhaust and carb and still do not know which to purchase ?[:rolleyes:]

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