Malossi 136 advice needed


We have 50 special, currently fitted with Pinasco race crank, 24mm Keihn carb, primavera gearing, & electronic ignition

If we go for a Malossi 136 kit, whats the best exhaust and upgear kit to use?

Any other combinations considered, but we wanna steer clear of the real bonkers stuff (zirri etc)

Love to all







Thanks for the info

We've since consulted our friends at Taffspeed (Ian, Geoff, Craig etc) and have gone for a Polini 130 with 27/69 up-gearing. Exhaust wise we are gonna try a SIP Evo Curly - it was a toss up 'tween that and the GPS, but we didnt fancy all that chrome!!

I'll let you know how it all turns out

Think I'll be posting some questions on the PK/Zirri LC soon - I know very little about this sort of thing, but it should be pretty funky once its finished




gearing?? i'd just try it and see, the mallosi is quite a revy kit even in standard form, id maybe go for v100 primary's plus a peeky pipe like the hammerzombie or vsp race, direct reed, hp4 or lightened pk, full circle crank, and then tune the barrel slightly. this, done nicely would give you a little rocket, top end might not completely mental, but it would get their very quickly... or you could do all the above with primmy primaries and a pipe like a pm and you'd have a less bonkers scooter (still quite bonkers) that would rev slightly less and last slightly longer.... 


Thanks for the deluge of suggestions and helpful tips.

Next project is a reversed-barrel, Zirri LC set-up in a PK frame - and we would love to know if anyone has any spare bits for a polini reed valve manifold (just the bit between reed and carb)  - NB It has to be the longer PK type

Anybody out there want to remain quiet about this one as well?  

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Paul , re ur malossi 136, with a standard box I'd go for about 2.86 primary for the track type acceleration and a 2.56 for normal usage, bearing in mind the malossi does like to rev tho'. I've decided on an answer to my own post and that is to use the 2.56 with the zirri short 4th ( no reponses to my post either ) , as i m using a zirri pipe which don't kick the power in till about 6k revs.

Which pipe ???? mmmmmm. well it all depends on your engines intended usage, but a lad I know gets great all round power from GPS Gruppo Pilloti system . Good Luck mate

if ur into smallies paul then get on this site. 27/69 is 2.56 gear ratio and that is what i'm gonna use myself. I've got a polini 130 motior at the moment and caned it for thousands of miles . Polini kits are great but i just fancy trying the extra hp of a malossi