Malossi 125 cc kit for Aerox 100

Though it says nothing in the installation instructions I downloaded from the Malossi site, I have read comments that machining to the head is required with this kit. Any one have any knowledge of this?

I was also going to upgrade to the Malossi 22mm carb kit for the Aerox 100 with this new cylinder. Is this sufficent or should I go to a bigger one?

As I will need to do this in steps, I was planning on getting the carb first, and then the cylinder down the road.

Currently I have a Multivar2000 and a Tecnigas RS pipe as the only modifications.

Sound reasonable?


Hello. Actually, the 22 mm carburetor, as options may also go to 25 mm (but not more) ... As for problems with haste because Malossi installation should be easy da 2 stroke engine ... Later on, only to be well coordinated

Gruß Lukas

hello , my name is dominic burton i live in england i have just wrote my ludix off because a deer ran out in front of me when i was doing about 60 mph. i have just bought a 56 plate aerox yq 50 with a 100 cc engine ac and has a 21mm carb. could anyone edvise me on the best way to tune the engine cheers dom     ps yes i have a tattooed face and head not just a bad picture

Want to know what you can because tuning 100 ccm Aerox motor? If yes then look times after Tuning Kit's like cylinders, exhaust and more.