Malossi 112cc vespa pk50 confuzed need help

Which one is correct does the crank case need to be modified?


31869400 Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 112cc Crankcase should be modified to fit the larger cylinder transfers.

Tuning Kit MALOSSI Sport 112cc Both kits are 'screw-in' tuning sets and do not involve changing the engine case.


Does anyone Know?



the crankcase needs only a little grinding job at the ports. Thats it....


A good Kit!!





did you get more info on  this kit i tried to email S.I.P. and they recommended the forums lol  so here I am trying to get some info. I recently purchased a PK50 xl not sure of the year i think 85-86 i wanted to get  a good upgrade for it  and i saw this  Malossi kit but i have the same question you have  do we have to modify the crank i know some one put that we have to shave it down a little bit but how  much  is  a little bit and I’m sure it has to get balanced after  witch is more $$.. and they cant either tell me what the shipping is to the US would be nice if anyone knows.