Mallossi Upgear kit

Sorry curare
I’m asking you and fellow scooterists for more advice.
I have been told to replce my primary drive during the strip down to fit the T5 4th. my original primary drive is not loose but the plates can be moved by finger pressure. my mate says this is well dodgy and recommends a new primary drive. so if i am to replace this drive i might as well go for the upgear kit but i dont fancy peening the rivets over or for you europeans -hammering the ends over.—or do these kits come assembled. The picture on SIP shows the kit in bits ready for assembly…
please help…engine in bits waiting
thanks again
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You have to assemble the kit.

But it is not really that hard. Once you’ve split the cases it is pretty straightforward. Just make sure you don’t loose the small needle bearing that sits in the chrismas tree assembly.

Things I’ve done to mye scooter like pulling new cables, changing brake shoes for the first time was more work than changing the primary drive.



yes go for the short 4th and if you don’t want to do the rivet work for a new primary you can go for a new christmas three even though of course more expensive. But if you where thinking in something longer then 23/65 you don’t have other choice then the rivet work. But if I remember well you were in need of more acceleration then top speed capabilities…