Mallossi 210 with irregular tickover

I have P200 with Mallossi 210 kit, reed valve, 28mm carb and PM exhaust. I’ve just got the thing running after 8 year lay up and it runs surprisingly well, but doesn’t want to tickover. When it’s cold it won’t tickover at all and when it’s been running for a few mins it’ll die after about 30 secs unless I keep blipping the throttle.
Also, have noticed in this bulletin board everyone says you should set the timing to 18 degs(IT mark), but if I do this it pinks like crazy. If I leave it on orginal settings it runs fine???

It would help if you said what kind of way it dies , kind of a running out of fuel way or a sudden timing stalling type way. Have you got a standard flywheel?

if it was running OK before suspect some crap in your idle jet/system. If it has not been run for ages some oils ccan leave a residue which will affect things. Use redex and go for a good thrash.

Thats just my opinion mate, if you do that and it goes tits up then…

I noticed that the reed block was leaking a little so resealed it and replaced the pilot jet with new one (same rating) and it ticks over perfectly now. However, reed block still isn’t sealed totally and a small amount of vapour is escaping. What is the best product to use to seal these things? Normal gasket deal doesn’t seem to do it.
Still puzzled as to why it runs as well as it does with the settings it has as it seems completely different to everyone elses I rad about it this bulletin board. Using stardard timing settings, 138 main jet, 55 pilot jet???