Mallossi 210 setup

Hello Curare and everyone else
finally did it -t5 fourth in 190 air correction and be4 mixer
just one problem when i tried the 130 jet i recieved with the kit the engine just choked and would not accelerate—dropped to a 125 and the performance is okay apart from a struggle getting to the power band in fourth.
should the 130 be in??? and carb set up for this jet
tried the plug chop technique plug is great with the 125, but crap with the 130
i,ve tried researching this and the only pointers i can find are to drill the hole in the air filter—what does this do ???

thank again


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Thanks for your reply curare
the research is about the drilling of the air filter directly above the jet to let it breath…
i am going to get a 128 jet but now i’m going to save up for a reed valve carb!!
what is the kit to get ???
after reading your posts the only way to get the full potential of the 210 with scorpion is to replace the carb so thats the way to go

thanks again



the Malossi reed kit is very good for the money. But don’t expect you are going to fit it with no modifications. It is not a question of dreaming. Just be prepared, that’s it.
And then if you fit a reed block you have to do same work on your inlet port and cases to make the reed work well, so a little work more on the block itself it is not a big deal. Except you where thinking to fit the
Malossi block just bold it on with no extra work on the inlet port and crancases…then you are dreaming.


I don’t remember your set up, but if 125 looks ok and feels ok it means is ok, I would try a BE3 though.
Then with BE3 see how it goes in the mid bad, so you can compare with the BE4, and get a spare 128. Few money spend for peace of mind. But don’t worry if your engine needs 125, you have to give it what he ask for.
Check the timing. Don’t go more advanced then 18.

… I didn’t understand the last part of your message when you say
I have tried researching this…

what have you tried to research?

hello curare
why is there aproblem fitting the mallossi 30mm kit as far as sip say the entire kit is ready to fit with all the parts—or am I dreaming as usual that everything goes easy…
i now dont mind pre mixing the oil in fact i’d be happier knowing the engine is getting it-not trusting the premixing unit!!
as you say it is all about money and i haven’t got much so i’d like to get a kit that will satisfy the mallossi 210 but not go into rocket science so is the basic 30 mm mallossi kit okay or am i dreaming again???

cheers again mate

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about the drilling of a 5mm hole in the air filter I think is well worthed especially with the malossi kit. Do it, it will take few min. and is not going to distroy your air filter. The of course is not enormous, but worthed.

As far as your engine is normal that with your set up you have to struggle to get in the power band, as you red in my previous posts.

The reed block to go depends on your money. Malossi is not bad at all for the money but be prepared to modify the kit itself to fit to the cranckcases. If you get one you will understand what I mean, and we could solve your mounting problem in this forum in the future if you will encounter some.

If you can afford you could go for the MMW block, the 1 or 2.
( -
Then you need a Yamaha RD300 reed block, and a rubber manifold of the correct size

If you go for the 2, check the cases area around the inlet port. If itis one of the kind where the area is small you cannot put the MMW2, unless you make some modifications. You could always post here or on my e-mail that you can find in my profile a picture of your cases and I could tell you which one you have if you want to be sure before buying it.
As far as the carb I think it would be much better a Keihin replica (KOSO) 28/30 (, then a dell’Orto.

If you need other things or I was not too clear just post again.

And again mate sorry
there is a 30 mm mallossi / dellorto kit none reed valve on the site will this be the one or do i need the 30 mm reed valve unit