Mallossi 210 best setup

Hi all

i have mallossi P210 with 60mm Crank, with T5 24mm carb & PM Evo Exhaust 

i have set timing at 18degrees ok!!!

What would be my best setup please regarding jetting? Cylinder Pack plates, & cylinder head squish ?







in advance my english is very terrible.  O.K. I drive a Malossi 210 with 57 mm Crank with T5 carb, T5 airbox  and the original T5 Exhaust. Your ignition setting with 18 degrees is ok.

Follow my Jetting :

Main jet:130

Emulsion tube: BE 3

air correction jet: 160

valve: 5

Idle jet: 55/160

But pay attention: I have drilled two holes over the main jet an the idle jet in the airbox. Also you must shorten the main jet and the idle jet, because this both are from PX 200 Carb and it is longer than T5 carb.

I hope I can help you.