Malissi 210: To cut or not cut the crank

I am building a new motor with a malisso 210, and reading the instructions in the kit, they suggest you cut some of the crank web to alter the inlet timing. Has anyone any experience of doing or not doing this? I`ve read about bikes both with and without this, but have never seen any information about the pros and cons of doing it.


As long as you do it right then you are ok. The best book to refer to is the vespa tuning manual by Norrie Kerr. The inlet timing on a 210 should be around 170 - 180 degrees but remember that the closing of the port cannot be any more than 70 degrees past top dead centre. I have a tuned motor gathering dust in my shed due to a shity kit and a badly cut crank so if you must do it then BE CAREFUL, but i would suggest just buying a racing crank.[:nuke:] [:nuke:] [:nuke:] [:nuke:] [:nuke:] [:nuke:] [:nuke:] [:nuke:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:O] [:O] [:roll:] [:roll:] [:drink:]