Make my Sprint faster

Hi, I’m new on here so hope you guys can help.

I’m riding a 1966 Sprint 150 (2 ports) with a 20/20 carb and standard exhaust. What do you guys think I can do make her a bit quicker.

I’ve been told a Simonini pipe would be good and that a DR kit works with the 2 port - can anyone confirm that?

I ride mostly in town so top end isn’t that important, just better acceleration. I also need a new flywheel as mine is knackered, can I fit a lighter one off a later model?


hello mate have a look here at fuksters thread

he s put a 166 on his

Thanks for everyone’s contributions and advice.

I’ve decided to go for a PX125 lump with a 150 top end, with the intention of kitting it at some point in the future when finances allow. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


Thanks mate,

Which is a better choice do you think, the P2 or the T5 engine, as P2’s are getting hard to find and a bit pricey as well


My experience with sprints is vague, I had one some 25 years ago, but my tuning choice was to replace engine with a p2 lump. read post regarding hp4 flywheel here on the board and apply to your scoot. As a choice of pipe, simonini, gianelli, etc are sports exhuasts with reasonable extraction pulse that work ok with std. or v. mild tuning work. avoid a sito plus. for the money youre better off with a std exhaust. As i said , im not familiar with the engine enough to comment, but im sure someone else will be able to, regards a suitable kit.

Thanks Beerace
I have thought about a 200 or a T5 engine but its a bit beyond my personal skill level and costs are pretty high to get someone else to do it. I’ve heard that Sito Plus’s aren’t great so I’ll avoid that.

if anyone else has any feedback about a DR kit for a 2 port I’d be grateful


I would vote for a P or PX200 lump as well for reliability and tunability

Just bolt in a standard p2 lump, its only cables and electrics and two bolts, and the cables and electrics are identical so a simple swap. Youll get more reliable miles per smiles than kitting any engine, and youre able to go waaaaay beyond std. at a later date if you so desire/ can afford it. Still wouldnt use a sito tho

We are again back to personal choice. Some say, myself included, theres no substitute for cc. The other , and valid, arguement is that the transfer areas on the t5 are near double a p2. My argument in favour of the p2 is you need a lesser state of tune to get the same power levels as a highly tuned t5. but horses for courses. I would be surprised if you could pick up a ready to go t5 lump cheaper than a p2 aswell.


I would go with the P2
I have put one in my sprint and it has proved to be a good choice.

go for it