Main Jet Settings help please

Hi All,

I ve decided I will go for the SIP performance pipe polished…I want the best for my sccot. I will need help from you guys to configure the carb correctly.

My setup so far is Polini 177 no porting and a sito plus.

this will change to

Polini 177 no porting, 26mm modified, SI carb and SIP pipe…

Can anyone recommend a setting for the main jet or anything else I may have to do. If you think I need a biggar carb please tell me.

This is a starting point for my tuning…If the scoot runs OK with these mods I will stop but I may match the cases/Inlet later.



Ey up. No experience with this particular set-up but on a malossi with a better pipe I would expect to start jetting around a 132 ish and go from there, retard timing to the stops and go up to a b8 plug. A starter for you.

Yep, thats it. dont forget your timing, and plug. Glad I could help, and let us know your final size, be about a 126 I reckon.

Hi Beerace,

Good guess, I received a reply from SIP telling me to start fromm 118-130 main jet and start off with the biggest and work my way done…

I take it I will start with the 130 then try 128 etc.