Magnetizing a old Vespa P150X flywheel??


I have a Vespa P150X with points ignition.

My flywheel have lost almost all it´s magnetisme. I have heard that a flywheel can be re-magnetized, but I have not found any who can do this..

Do you guys know of any place in Germany where I could get my flywheel re-magnetized?

I'am from Denmark, but I have not found any in Denmark that could help me :-(

As a second solution, where can I get a new or used flywheel for my P105X (points egnition)?


Best regards Frederik Moes  

there are a few places in the uk that can do this, but i think will be expensive on post due to weight of flywheel it would be expensive on post.

there must be places in denmark that can do it for you, many old machines have some sort of flywheel and stator plate.

I have no adress of a company which will be able to re-magnetize your flyweel, but you can buy a new one at SIP.

One possible part is this:

Just use the shop-search and point out which one you want to have, according to your exact scootertype.