Luggage rack sprint veloce


i'd be interested in getting a rear luggage rack like the ones you guys have for Cosa (art #75290100) or for PK (art #23466300)

this is to carry small/medium sized luggage, and avoid drilling holes in my chassis or similar.

is one of the above ones adaptable on a sprint veloce?

anything else that might work?


thanks! danke! grazie!



Hi !


I guess it will be not possible (or with heavy modifications) to mount the luggage carrier that you mean to your sprint v. I guess also that it will not look very nice in the end.


What about the carriers 7540100 or 7540200 ?

No holes to drill and a nice looking !




thanks for the suggestions - i'll look at those for my next order

...and maybe it's as simple as measuring the inter-axe values, so that I can compare to my Sprint's screws position?