Lossed input roller

Hi i over hauled my T5 engine in may last week i found one of the input shaft needles on the garage floor . I thought i had put them all in but must have dropped one will scooter be ok to still use and can this do any harm if i still use it with one less in Thanks Gary

gaz, I’m interested to know what you decided to do?

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I agree with that, replace it or it is just a breakdown waiting to happen.

I left the scooter as it is with one missing no problem I ask beedspeed and Taffspeed both said it will be ok to run it with one roller missing which is good news as i did not want to take engine apart thanks Gary ps what would you have done[:dance1:] [:smokin:]

I really dont think I’d want to risk it, after all the work you put into rebuilding the engine would you want to end up doing it all again after (if) it buggered up? And it might cause some damage[:rolleyes:]


When I split a PX engine one of the needles was missing - this was how it had been assembled at the Piaggio factory! (must have been a Friday afternoon jobie - or maybe Italy were playing in the World Cup that day).

That engine had done over 25,000 Kms without any probs - I only split it to get it ported etc…

I’d also think that Taffspeed and Beedspeed would know what they’re talking about - they are the Professionals after all.

Still, at the end of the day it’s your call matey…good luck


cant always trust a proffessional mate

can any one help thanks Gary[:drink:]

I would have put it in.

in fact, last time i rebuilt my motor, I rebuilt my super fork at the same time, and found a needle roller.

i thought it was from the engine and pulled it apart. it was actually from the needle roller bearing that i replaced in the fork. I was pissed, but at least i knew it was ok

My concern with not having all the needles in the engine, is the needles could skip instead of roll (similar to Indian GP Cranks) or at worst, lodge itself sideways in the race, seizing the gearbox solid. it wont matter how quick you pull the clutch, it wont matter

good luck[:nuke:]