Loose t5 handlebars/headset

the handlebars on my t5 have about an inch of slack in either direction. when i opened the headset i discoverd that the locking washer and retaining castle nut were both pretty ripped up. are these standard parts? i tried tightening them and the slack returns after about 20 min. ive done this twice now. i found the nut on sip’s site, but not hte washer, please tell me the washer is a standard peice…

im in the states so t5 parts are a bit of a pain in the ass to find. everything needs to be ordered online, or found on ebay used…

Hi there the washer is very hard to find they used the locking washer on the old T5 s then they started useing 2 nuts one to adjust and one to lock. On my T5 i can not stop the move ment will only move if you put stearing on full lock then push handle bars against the lock have not had it move when rideing i allso have proper tool to do up the nuts and can still not stop the move ment .All so have 2 mates with T5 s they both have this problem you can see why they whent back to the nut and bolt on the T5 Classic like the px . ps I have phoned round scooter shops in england to try and find a locking washer with no luck[:drink:] [:dance1:]

meant sliding dog

Hi yes you can allso try what slingdog says clean grease off [:drink:] [:bounce:]


im gonna go try the degreaseing solution. i wish sip sold the nuts as a combo. i just purchased


plus the tool to tighten the castle nuts.

here’s hoping the degreaseing works until the nuts come, thanks for all your help.

can i replace the locking washer w/ the dual nut combo?

or would a new nut tightened w/ the proper tool (the castle lock thingy) perhaps help?

what other options do i have? drilling a hole w/ an screw in it ot secure the nut?

Agree with Gaz,use the double lock as the origanal tends to come loose,I found if you degrease the plate that fits under the headset, on top of the bearing race nuts(you can lift the headset just enough to get at it!)and degrease the headset and nuts on top,then use a big hammer to lock it up when done works!;D the origanal lock nut needed knocking in to a grove but the once the handle bars moved it would be usless!

gaz, can i replace the locking washer w/ the dual nut combo?