Looking for more power


I am actually driving with this config :

-V50 special

102 DR kit with 19/19 reed valve, 2.86 Primary and polini banana exhaust .

When we are 2 on the vespa, it's fuckin' slow and it takes 30second to go to 40 km/h.


I want to get more power but without opening the engine .

I am hesitating between 115 Polini kit and 112 Malossi . It's for a city daily use and small week ends travels .

Wich one should i choose ? Thanks

Hi thanks for answering .


My ignition is fixed perfectly at 18°.

We adjusted the cylinder to the engine.

False air, maybe but whe totally rebuild this engine 6 month ago  ( the only thing that wasn"t brand new was the 102DR kit )



Maybe it's just beacause my girlfriend si too fat :D

Hey dude ....


Here is the recommended setup [;)]


- 19 SHB Mainjet 92-90 Minimum jet can be the original

- Plug W3AC

- Ignition 16 degrees




Hi dude



basically they are both a good choice.


But i´m wondering why you get this acceleration problems !

The 115 polini or malossi isn´t that much more powerful than the 102 DR.

If you want more you have to open up your engine. I think that you didn´t fixed your current setup 100%.

Do you fixed the ignition perfectly ? Did you opend the boost ports in your engine casing ?

Maybe it´s also a problem of "false air" - can be a bad oilseal or  a problem with the intake system.


Do you mounted your piston in the right direction ?


PS: if you´ve done all this and your scoot isn´t mor powerfull, then i recommend you a 130 polini with a race crank and a et3 banana or an polini exhaust. But it´s necessary to open your engine !!



THanks for answering .

I have a breaker ignition ( that sucks :s )

I ordered the 115 Polini cause i don't wanna change AGAIN ( 6 months ago ) my crankshaft and my exhaust .


Could You please ( i know i'm asking a lot from you ) give me THe ignition timing and the jets i should use For the 115 polini kit ? :D ( the Main and the small one )

I have read that ignition in suposed to be 16 .


Thanks !

Hi dude


Just for information ..

My recommendation for the 102 DR

Ignition 17 degrees / Plug W4AC / Mainjet SHB 19  80-82 /

Do you have an Breaker or an electric ignition ?

If you got a breaker please check the condition an the distance, it should be 0,3 - 0,35 mills


PS: I guess if you drive often in 2 persons, the best would be to plug in the 130 Polini or the 130 DR like i tould you in the post before.