Long stroke crankshaft 60mm


Please help me.Give me the suggestion(Product CODE).

1) wich one is better for my PX150 to using 'Long stroke crankshaft'?
I'm running with 'super gearbox',24/24 carb and Pinasco 177.

2)what about if I changed Pinasco 177 to Malossi 166?which is suitable for me?

Hi dude !


I´m sorry i dont really understood your question.

Do you want to know what Cylinder you have to use ??





1)I need some long stroke crankshaft

2)Yes,I want to know what Cylinder I have to use?

Hi Rocca,

1. I think he wants a suggestion of what longstroke crank to use for his current setup or Pinasco 177, 24/24 carb, super gearbox.

2. If there is no possible cranskshaft for the above configuration, should he change to the Malossi 166 kit so that its easier to match a longstroke crankshaft.