Long stroke 60mm and timing?

Hi evreybody.

What is the inflence of a longer stroke on the timing?
Is it a rule? Which settings?

- With a 1.5mm head gasket?

- With a 1.5mm base gasket?

- or with 0.75 head and 0.75 base gaskets?

(Note: Malossi 166cc  18° with regular 57mm crankshaft)

Than you at all "Timing Set Gurus".


I guess this timing calculator does'nt properly work; see what I get:

Timing Calculation Result

For a conrod length of 105 and a stroke of 60,

'0' degrees before TDC equals '0.000' mm before TDC.



Hi zakalwe 


I think you need to enter the standard timing of the Polini kit, which I think is 18 degrees. I don't think this calculator will help you find the setting you want though, it appears to only convert mm BDC into degrees and vica versa.


I too am looking for this information though. 

Hello you can calculate your timing with this site:


Regards Richard