Long range tank vespa

Long range tank vespa…
Does anyone know where i can get one?, i know they have been made for PX , but will they fit in my 59 touring ? Anyone had any experiene with this? Have heard i need to use a fuelpumpe, but can a vacum driven pump be mounted on a rotary valve engine?
My engine is currently using 1L+ per10 km , so i need one bad.
The engine is a tuned p200 though.

Johan Erdal
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You can e-mail me for details on tank at [email protected] and i will send you pictures and price



If you want to build an even bigger tank, you can get this by rebuilding the frame and use a shorter rear chock. I did that and my tank holds 14 litre without the need for a fuel pump.


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If your interested in a long range vespa tank i have been doing one for years it was featured in scootering a couple of years back.


[email protected]

I just bought a tank from David, and it is great!


Some minor adjustment to make it fit in my VGLA, but no big problems!


Have to use a pump though, but that is worth it!








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Contact Big Dave here.

He’ll provide you with all the info.I have one of the first models and he’s updated the kit since then.

It’s a top quality piece of kit.

Sorry forgot add [email protected]

Nice work fella,looks a bit too complicated for me though.[:D]

Thank you JuanK.

Sorry, have no more pics. I will make some drawings, and I’ll be back with them shortly.



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Very nice work Leif,do you have pictures of the tank out of the frame?

can you give me any info on the px model? (where to find it?) i googled it, but hade trouble finding any vespa px specific info. thanks

Hi could you email me the availability and price of the tank please. Thanks Andy