LML T5 Disc Conversion Continued

Day five, all going together nicely, altered wiring so I could refit the horncover (some wires from the switches had long relays that needed to be plugged in under the horncover but I cut them & put connectors on so I can take off the headset now without removing the horncover). Removed toolbox to drill & fit light switch for funny auxilliary headlight pod in horncover, fitted a rocker switch to the T5 plastic tray on the toolbox but had to drill a hole in the box for the switch to pass through then put the wires through the indicator grommet (not to every ones taste but I like it & it works well). Make new brake hose & fit in forks & cut down new stainless bolts for the caliper. Whilst thinking about the switch dilemma I decided it would be dangerous to keep the light switch on the right as now I am using a thumb throttle I would need to lift off the throttle to change from low to high beam or use the horn, so I have put the switch into the left hand bar which meant I had to find new places for the indicator switch & auxilliary light & now I am using an indicator on the right as most rarely use indicators or are slowing down when turning. Bad news though my Physio has told me not to ride yet (she doesnt think the wrist is strong enough yet) so it looks like I am going to Wareham in the car (BOLLOCKS!!).

as all these posts are left to view for some time the meticulous way youre documenting this conversion will act as a good reference for anyone in the future.its nice to see also that you arent being beaten by your inability to ride and are actively doing something major to compensate and keep doing what is obviously a great passion for you.scooters,what a way of life.good luck mate,you are an inspiration

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Day seven, the tube arrived at my metal supplier so I have made the new throttle tube, it is 45mm longer than the stock tube so I made an extension to move the left hand grip out (I copied the design for a pushbike handle bar stem to ensure a safe & strong extension)I put the headset together on the bench first to get everything sorted before fitting it to the scooter (Im used to wide motorbike bars so I was always going to widen the bars a bit anyway) It is starting to look good now. Now I have worked out some teething troubles by trial & error, I should be able to do a conversion in a weekend. I cant work as quick as I used to & have to take a lot of breaks when the hand starts to hurt, that & my lathe is an antique from the 1920s/ 30s & is far from quick ( it is like me; big, slow & stupid…sorry steady, but, unlike me, it will still be going strong in another 100 years time, mind you the way i am absorbing titanium into my body, parts of me might last forever) I said to my Surgeon " I want a Terminator body kit, just put the brain in, or if you cant find the brain a bollock will do." If you have seen X-men or X-men2 my wrist x-rays look like Wolverines except mine are screwed into the bone & don`t shoot out of my knuckles when i am angry (unfortunatley)

Day eight, finish off the final bits of fabrication, make a spacer for the left hand bar to move the grip out to match the longer throttle side, make a pair of bar ends to stop the grips coming off, then strip blast & paint the second hand thumb throttle unit I am using, I have a new one on order from a local quad dealer but it has not arrived & will be easy to swop over later. I got a second hand thumb throttle from a Yamaha quad off ebay & took it to a local dealer who went through their parts lists & tracked down the model & part number of the one I had & ordered one but the stock depot for that model is in Canada so I may need to wait a while. I chose to extend the bars by 50mm each side, the minimum i needed was 40mm to allow for fitting the motorcycle master cylinder & thumb throttle. The next post will hopefully be the last as all i have to do now is refit the headset & bleed the front brake, then check it all works & stew until I get the ok from my medics to ride again. I may need to play with different master cylinders to find one that works best & gives maximum braking for minimum lever pressure ( i am using a 12.5mm bore cylinder but if that is not enough i can go up to a 14mm or even a 17mm twin disc cylinder, thatll stop the [email protected]!) Then i have to learn to ride with the thumb throttle but that wont be a problem as my scooter only has 215km on the clock & i am still running it in, it is a 2000 model but was in storage til I bought it as new old stock in 2003. I have a Simonini pipe & 26mm SI carb jetted to suit the stock 150 motor waiting to go on when she is run in, apart from the carb & pipe all i plan to change as i go is possibly the flywheel for an HP4 one as I want to keep her reliable & able to go two up. My next scooter is already waiting to be put together, i have a severely cutdown PX200 frame, disc front end & SIP built & tuned Malossi 210 P200 motor with the works done; fuel pump, boost bottle, long crank, cosa clutch, T5 4th gear, 30mm dellorto & reedvalve with SIP s/steel pipe, carbon seat & garelli mudguard to get my jollies on solo, not sure if I will use the modified PX drum headset or the beedspeed drops i got from ebay or the disc headset that came with the front end, i will see if the wrist can take the drops first & go from there but i am going to do a full report as i go, should be a stonker especially with a thumb
throttle & disabled badge on it.

Day six, not much today. Made throttle cable extension, i made an alloy joint to take the extra cable (it will sit in the headset where the standard cable stop goes so the cable wont be rubbed to bits by the steel headset) i had to make a new fitting for the thumb throttle so i made it longer & fitted an adjuster (i decided it would be a bit dim to put an adjuster at the joint of the two lengths of cable as i would have to strip the headset down to use it). Stuck now as i am waiting for the alloy tube to arrive from the suppliers before I make the new throttle tube. I am taking my time to iron out any problems but when this one is done I will be able to make it in kit form. The conversion is easier for drum brake PX headsets & even more so for PX disc headsets. I think i have started with the most difficult headset design they came up with (i dont know why they didn`t design the T5 headset bottom in alloy like most other vespas) I wanted to keep the switch housing to keep it looking as standard as possible but there was not enough alloy left to hold it on the bar when i notched out a section to fit the hydraulic cylinder. I hope people find series this helpful if they are trying a similar conversion, sometimes it is just nice to know you are not alone & that others are trying to be inventive too.

Thanks Vespadoctor mate. I didnt know if any one would be interested or if Id bore people silly, but when i started to research what was available to disabled people I would have been glad to find a step by step guide for ideas like this. I found plenty on thumb brakes, electric gearchangers & even left hand twist throttles but none of these are any good for a scooter. It took 3 months of trying to find a supplier for affordable quad throttle units, a lot of companies never even responded to my emails. I know I am a „born again“ but I have been on 2 wheels since I was 16 and have my own semi-professional bike shop (I was on the verge of opening full time before I had the first operation in May 2002 which has put everything on hold until I get the all clear from my Surgeon) My main area was/is Kawasaki zs & GPzs & Suzuki GSXRs & GSXs. Ive done all sorts chops dragbikes, streetfighters, turbos & NOS. One of my specialist areas is electrics which I know most people hate (hell you should hear the words when I am up to my ears in a bowl of spaghetti) but the joy of making something from nothing & getting it to work is worth the stress. I could never be without 2 wheels even if I had to have something with a sidecar, I had been thinking of getting a scooter for a few years until my second operation forced me to decide, I have tried to ride my big bikes but it is foolish to risk injuring myself & others when I struggle to hold the weight of the bike & lack the strength to work the front brake. No one has told me not to but when there is more pain & effort involved than the fun it should be what is the point, besides its a bigger buzz at 80/90mph on a vespa than 150+ on a monster bike. My 1200 Kawasaki turbo would do 120 in second & touch 210mph flat out so i know what Im talking about.

Day nine, all finished, just had to bolt the completed headset back on, bleed brake, check & set-up every thing. I got side tracked a bit cos as I had her jacked right up on my bench so I could reconnect the clutch cable I thought „mmm might as well put on the Simonini pipe whilst she is up there & save a job later“, then I got carried away & thought „why not put the 26mm carb on whilst I am setting up the new throttle cable to save doing it later.“ So there you go, now I have a sorted, nice sounding scooter with the thumb throttle & disc front end just waiting to go. I took it to my village hall car park to practice using the thumb throttle & it is a snorter that wheelies like a bastard & that is still at running in speeds. Just need to set the carb up correctly but it doesnt feel bad as it is so I think it wont need much, when I ordered the 26mm carb from Beedspeed I told them it was for a standard PX150 motor with a Simonini pipe & they sent a slightly smaller main jet to suit but they said the other jets would be fine. I will see how it goes as I run it in. I got the OK from my physio to do short practice sessions but she told me not try any long distance until the wrist has got stronger. I will add some pictures as soon as I can. It felt so good to be out on the road today even if i only did 5 miles at most, it was great when I went past a car & he had a funny look on his face as I was accellerating but he couldnt see my throttle arm moving it was like " hes moving & the engine is revving but his hand isnt moving........how?" I think I am going to enjoy this, I cant wait til it is run in & i am at traffic lights with a boy racer, you know the type, his right arm is flapping like he`s having a fit as he blips the throttle but i am just tickling the thumb paddle & I fly off leaving him in a cloud of 2stroke smoke.