Lml mallossi 166 reed valve engine/cuts out and back fires

HI all,

           Any one got or had same prob, I'm ridding a lml with a new engine case with reed valve,mallossi 166cc kit racing crank,gears upgraded 26/26 si carb, mallossi exhaust.  I've had scoot since 04 and did run fine but recently I had it done at a dealers to have new bearings and service.  Whent out after fitting the air mix screw which was missing tunned carb up so was running ok did about 10 miles then it cut out with nothing ther then back fired and came back to life was ridding for a couple of miles with it doing this twice then it cut out completly, had a look at the spark plug, cdi, and carb got her running agin.  So since then have had it in my garage it will start and run ok but before i take it out agin id like to sort this problem out as it's doing my head in as some one will say petrol,electrics, or timming have other scoot but standered so ok for local.  Please as any one got any ideas need help thanks darren

I've had a few friends with LML motors do similar stuff. It is fixable.

Start with a new spark plug & cap.

If it still has the LML xt coil, maybe swap that out for one that has 'Ducati' embossed on it. If that doesn't do it, swap out the low tension coil on the stator.

There's a couple ideas to start with...

thans for the replay on my prob, has given me some thins to try out, the more i think about things the ducati sounds a idea as the lml as you know do give alot of probs and having a seperate cdi ox on the scoot, but ill start with the easist and less costly first ill put new plug cap etc again thanks for your help cheers darren