LML fuel tank conversion

Just finished putting in an aircraft filler cap & breather on my LML last weekend, came home from college friday & went to take her for a spin & the cow wouldnt start so today I strip & clean the carb, whilst im at it I match the carb box to the carb and inlet on the engine (nothing silly just line up the holes and flow them in nicely, not altered the engine inlet as it looked fine and there was a lot to take off the carb box just to line the holes up so will see how it goes before going further) fitted the 120 main jet that came with the 26mm carb and seems fine, I had put new 6.5mm nitrile rubber fuel pipe on, to replace the 5mm plastic shite that it had, when I had the tank out, with a big filter (the LML tap has an old fashioned filter on the tank as well, probably to compensate for Indian climate and fuel.) I found out why she didnt start, there was a vapour lock/kink/ blockage in the fuel line, I decided to turn on the tap with the pipe disconnected from the carb to see if it was flowing and it was dry so I sucked til it came out and it has been fine since (weird) I shortened the new fuel pipe by an inch to see if that would change the route of the pipe to remove any kink and that worked too. So I guess time will tell, if it does not like the extra filter I put in I will take it out and fit a dry break coupler in its place. I have also fitted the ally floor kit now and it looks better than the rubber mats that it had.

Took her out for a spin today and she conked out twice, I found the problem and the probable cause for the vapour lock from friday, when I put the aircraft filler and separate breather in the tank I put a piece of fuel pipe from the breather into the air intake hole in the frame so it could breath into the air intake. But when I put my fat ar…sorry „THE TWINS“ on the seat it was squishing the tube, hence fuel starvation and conk out, but when I got off the seat to check the hose opened up and it started fine again. I am a twat. So now the hose is off and she is fine. Roll on IOW.