LML engine CDI unit


Looking for the right electronic CDI unit and HT coil and figured somebody on here knows the answer off-hand. I have a classic large-frame Vespa scooter (VNC1T) with a pretty new LML engine of this kind: https://www.scooterworks.com/Engine-150-cc-non-injected-5-port-no-electric-start-P1986.aspx The engine was installed by professionals.

This season I can't get a spark and figured I should start swapping out electrical parts to see if something is broken. Am I right in assuming this is what I need? https://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/cdi+ignition+unit+lml+for+cdi_50100000

The description says that it " is compatible with all VESPA electronic ignition motors," so that's encouraging. But the existing CDI unit looks quite different, and among other things it has two connectors marked green. The wiring diagram here https://goo.gl/images/o9dB82 also suggests the CDI unit should have two green connectors.

Anyway, if somebody could enlighten me, I'd be very grateful.   

To enlighten you:

You can change to the original type of CDI-blackbox ( ITEM # 850000009 instead of the indian solution (CDI + separate ignition coil).

I really really wonder why these "professionals" which installed th engine did not make this proposal; also why these persons did not check the stator plate for possible defects (by measuring the electrical resistance between the red & white AND the green & white cable coming from the stator plate).


Also to check: remove the plug from the spark cable, then hold the cable somewhere on ground (metalic part of engine, try to start engine and see if there's a spark...). Then you see if you have a spark or the spark plug isn't working well.

Also make shure that your ignition kill cable of the wiring loom doesn't have any short cuts... 

That's what I would check first.