has anyone used the S.I.P c.d.i unit for the above scoot? The one i've got is knackered and don't know whether to adapt my loom to suit a Ducati Coil/Cdi, or use the uprated S.I.P Cdi. Any help greatly appreciated!

hi, ive just changed my lml from old coil and cdi to a ducati unit and took half hour.  All need is a ducati unit and get a bracket to fix to casing fit the earth wire to best place you can find mine fitted on to one of the fly wheel cover screws.  I took the three wires in the  juction box taking the green, white and red wires coming from stator.  Run these to ducati unit and conect to the unit, putting each colour into same on unit,the othe wires left alone, could tape them if want but i left mine in the connector and ok.  I was left with a blue wire coming from old lml coil which i put in to the secound green on ducati unit, this will be used as the wire on cdi to cross over.  On the left side where cdi box is take them out and cut the green and blue wire and connect them this being the reason i used the blue wire onto ducati unit as when connect this on the cdi side to green it saves alot of trouble of runnig a wire from the cdi green all way to ducati unit.  If you don have the blue wire then just run a wire from the green from cdi to the secound green on ducati unit.  tape up the other wires off cdi, takes cdi off or leave it as not in use and at least will not loose it.  I hpoe you understand all this i found it easy and took 30mins and scooter started ok and much better i think, i do have a diagram that got off some one so if need any more info let me knoe ok cheers daz.